How it works - from user's perspective


What is this about?

This article is to describe what you need to know to get started with setting up a Haroopress powered blog. Please find more information about Haroopress itself at

Getting started

The first step is to download a thing called Haroopress. It in form of bunch of files and stored at a repository and you can reach it at

There is a Quick Installation guide, written in Korean :(, at that you can follow through from downloading the thing to set commands you would need to execute to publish the first set of static web pages to a web space (actually, it is a github's page) as well as the system requirement you need to fulfill.


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Steps I've followed so far ... to get this Haroopress powered blog up and running

Note: This article is only to list up what I've faced during initial setup of a Haroopress blog on my repository/page including all the mistakes and puzzles. So, please do not take this as a step-by-step tutorial for setting a Haroopress blog. However, I'll summerize what you need to be aware/prepared before getting started with this setup to avoid issues I've faced here. 

Downloading source code repository (git)

$ git clone samplepress


$ make init

Note: My git global configuration core.autocrlf was set to true. I guess this was the reason make init failed to complete due to failure of executing ./bin/setup.js that has the first line #!/usr/bin/env node followed by a hidden CR(M in vi, or \r). Anyhow, changing core.autocrlf to input and starting over from git cloning fixed this issue (for Mac OS X,, and cloned the Haroopress repository again.

$ git config --global core.autocrlf input
$ git clone samplepress
$ make init



  • Welcome
  • 歡迎
  • bienvenida
  • accueil
  • willkommen
  • ようこそ
  • välkommet
  • grata
  • добро пожаловать


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